For a differentiated interpretation of the Middle East conflict. Against anti-semitism, anti-muslim racism and anti-zionism.

Of course we as the left youth are commited to peace in the Middle East conflict and to a diplomatic and non violent solution.
However, the Association of Left Youth [’solid] Bremen rejects an one-sided blame.
The work-up of the conflict in all its complexity must not be made compatible with anti-semitism, anti-muslim racism and anti-zionism by simplistic representation and positioning.

In the last days, there have been several spontaneous demonstrations against Israel which had a clear anti-semitic orientation. At these, it came to attacks on at least one passer and one journalist. They were reviled as „Fucking Jews“ and one of them got seriously injured.

Anti-semitic slogans were also used at a „Free Palestine“ demonstration in Frankfurt which led to violent confrontations. The situation in Gaza for example was equated with the Holocaust.
Among several calls in social networks it also came to anti-semitic and anti-israelic statements, that even went up to Hitler glorifications.


Currently there are more one-sided calls for demonstrations across Germany on the internet. 
In Bremen, such a demonstration is planned for the 23.07. under the slogan „Stop the bombing in Gaza – For an ending of the escalations in the Middle East conflict“.
To us, one-sided accusations are not having a de-escalating effect on the Middle East conflict and its debate.

The various demonstrations, such as the one on 23.07. in Bremen, should be treated with great caution, since they can pave the way for further anti-semitic actions. Therefore, we clearly speak out against a participation in those demonstrations.

The entire conflict is right now as well as in its history far too complex for one-sided accusiations or demonstrations to resolve it or calm the situation.
Therefore, it needs a differentiated, forward-facing view and the commitment to real peace for all those concerned!

Left Youth [’solid] Bremen, Germany

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